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Community Educating its Children

Community Organizations Working With Families And Caregivers To Prepare Children for Kindergarten.



The Baton Rouge Early Childhood Education Collaborative, ​Inc., is a non-profit,  serving the Greater Baton Rouge area and beyond.  Our membership includes local and state government agencies, businesses, churches, religious groups, individuals, fraternities, sororities, and a variety of non-profits serving various populations within local communities. Our com​mon g​oal is t​o​ help families and caregivers prepare children for kindergarten.


Quality Learning Program

HomeStart Educational Model:  ParentChild+ Click below to visit and the video entitled "The Power of PCHP"

Child Counselor
Child Counselor

Special Care

Home visitors are members of the community that are culturally compatible and speak the language of the family.

Kids in Library
Kids in Library


All children have equal education possibilities from the start and all organizations have the opportunity to contribute in preparing them for school  success.

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