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Our Story

The Baton Rouge Early Childhood Education Collaborative, Inc. (BRECEC) was formed by concerned community educators, a faith leader and a business owner who came together to address the educational needs of  low-income unserved preschool children in rural and urban communities. These children  are receiving in-home  care from family members and other caregivers without any or very limited education to prepare them for kindergarten and school success. This  group realized that the entire community was willing to assist, but did not have a vehicle to organize and direct their contributions for maximum benefit of children and families.  The Baton Rouge Early Childhood Education Collaborative, Inc.  was founded, in April 2019,  to serve this critical role.  BRECEC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Mission Statement​

Our mission is to facilitate the collaboration of organizations to provide home-based early childhood education and support to families and caregivers of under-resourced children, ages 0 - 4 years old, in preparing them for kindergarten.

Who are we?

We are a non-profit network of community organizations working with families and caregivers, in their homes, to prepare children for kinde​rgarten.  The Collaborative serves the Greater Baton Rouge area and beyond.  Our membership includes local and state government agencies, businesses, churches, Greek organizations, individuals, and a variety of non-profits serving various populations within rural and urban communities.

Our Process

The Baton Rouge Early Childhood Education Collaborative, Inc. seeks to form relationships with other organizations working with families and caregivers of unserved preschoolers.  Our members are eligible  to participate in joint funding requests and grants to provide services addressing various needs of the target population.  Members receive quarterly newsletters and are invited to networking sessions, workshops and have access to work spaces for board meetings and group work projects.



Meet Our Team

Community Edu​cating Its Children


Charter Board Members

Rev. Clee Lowe - Chairman

Dan Chavis - Secretary/Treasurer

Mrs. Theta Williams - Member

Dr. Patricia Edwards - Member



Board M​embers 2022

Dr. Erma Borksey - Member

Dr. Kasundra Cyrus - Member

Rev. Ronald Sutton - Vice Chairman

Staff Members

Patricia Smith

Executive Director

Dan Chavis

Chief Operating Officer

Theta Williams

Education Consultant /Community Liaison

Shelia Chavis

Education Director 

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