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In Home Education


Early Childhood Education and Wellness 

Program Highlights:

  • Our program assists parents and caregivers of preschoolers not in early learning centers or Head Start get prepared for kindergarten.  

  • Our Model is based on  ParentChild+ 

  • CLICK HERE TO VIEW YouTube video : "The Power of PCHP"​

    The Power of ParentChild+ Program Overview:

  • Over 50 years ParentChild+ experience.  

  • Each family receives  free educational books and toys for use in the home by the parent or caregiver.

  • We encourage and support the parent and caregiver as the child's first teacher and their responsibility for their child's wellness.

  • HBCC Model - multiple children are served in homes.

  • Excellent for rural and urban low-income households.

  • Workforce Development in areas with low employment options.

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Program Outreach

The Collaborative offers participation with other initiatives, as a component of outreach services. Our network of partners are actively involved in their communities and serves as an excellent source of referrals, and recommendations for products or services relating to our mission. 

Networking Event

Networking - Support

Membership in the Collaborative provides many benefits to organizations, Caregivers, and individuals.  This includes newsletters, networking sessions, informational workshops, and use of meeting rooms and offices at discounted rates. 

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